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Giving You A Fresh Start


If you are thinking of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are not alone. It is a fact that over a million Americans file bankruptcy each year, and Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.

It is available to individuals, married couples, business and corporations here in New York and elsewhere. Filing for bankruptcy does not make you a failure. There are many reasons why people fall into financial trouble and most are beyond their control.

Spiraling debts from credit cards, medical bills and loans can create a tremendous amount of stress in your life. You feel that there is no way out.

The Law Office of John Gonzalez, P.C., can help.

We have extensive experience handling a number of different challenges. We have helped hundreds of clients through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. John Gonzalez has extensive bankruptcy experience as an individual and lawyer, and he can clear up questions about the benefits and misconceptions of the process. He does all this while striving to make the experience as quick and pain free as possible. Working with attorney John Gonzalez often enables you to hold onto important things that matter most, including your home.

What Chapter 7 Can Do For You


There are several reasons why it is a popular form of debt relief. These include:

  • It allows you to discharge most of your debt.

  • It allows you to keep most of your paycheck.

  • It allows you to keep many of your possessions.

  • It enables you to start a new line of credit in three years.

There are some exceptions to the debts that can be discharged. These include student loans, taxes, child support, civil fines and criminal fines.


Do You Qualify For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


There are certain requirements that a debtor must fulfill to be able to file for Chapter 7, including the following:

  • The household income must be below the state average or median.

  • Even if your income is above the median, the size of the family, mortgage and car payments as well as other expenses are determined in a means test.

  • The individual has not filed for bankruptcy in the last six years.

If you think you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact the Law Office of John Gonzalez, P.C., in Medford, Syosset or Hauppauge. We can start the process as soon as you provide the necessary paperwork (see our Q&A page). On average, the entire process takes 90 days. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7, we can also help you with filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well.


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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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